Fumitomo Yagi / ヤギフミトモ




2016年12月、1 st アルバム「Beyond」を発表。沖縄ではリリース直後から評判を呼び、地元メディアで大プッシュされる。


A singer-songwriter born in Naha City, Okinawa , Japan.

He started his music career in Osaka, Japan when he was in university.

After returning to Okinawa, he began his solo career, he appeared in live performances and events in various places in Okinawa. His music has been influenced from various genres of music, folk, rock, black music ,Okinawan local folk music.

He has his own musicality that reconstructed them with free interpretation, and a delicate singing voice with transparency.

His 1st album "Beyond" was recorded by the minimum home recording equipment possessed by all the music pieces by himself.

In Okinawa it has been called reputation immediately after the release in December 2016,the release concert was success.

The song called “Hainumikaji” was appointed as a theme song of a film [Sea Opening].